Sustainability at studer

We are proud of our actions…

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The water of Sion

The water of Sion a safe and sustainable source


Always with the desire to protect our planet and preserve the environment, our company goes even further. A water fountain has been provided for all employees to limit as much as possible the consumption of bottled water (glass or PET). But this is not the traditional water cooler that requires delivery, transportation and disposal of refills. Our water fountain is connected directly to the city’s drinking water network. So studer and its visitors drink fresh and sparkling SION WATER! Cheers!


The beautiful carafes of Sion water are used at all meetings and conferences held on our premises, and each employee has been given a glass “autarky bottle” that can be reused indefinitely.


The City of Sion, located in the heart of the Alps, benefits from an incredible supply of drinking water. It would be a shame not to take advantage of it. Its quality is impeccable and is constantly monitored.


You can learn more about our exceptional water by clicking here.

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The autarky factory

The autarCity project


The autarCity project, set up jointly by the City of Sion, Oïken and Smartsuna SA, allowed the Studer company to become the first 100% autonomous multifunctional building in Switzerland (industry and education).


3000 m2 of solar panels will be installed on the roof of the building and thanks to our new intelligent inverter, the next3, and batteries, the produced energy can be stored. Thus, not only the production division but also the entire company and the daycare centre located in the same building will be protected against any power outages.


Charging terminals


Three electric charging terminals have already been installed in the company’s car park and to promote the decarbonisation of employees’ journeys, more charging points will be installed soon.


As the charging terminals are free of charge for employees, the management hopes that this gesture will motivate a maximum number of employees to switch to electric mobility.


These terminals will of course be 100% self-powered once the solar panels are installed.


SENS eRecycling

For more than 30 years, SENS eRecycling has been the expert for the sustainable disposal of used electrical and electronic equipment.


Studer is recognised as a certified contract partner.


Every year, Studer pays the TAR (advance recycling fee) for all CR2032 batteries it puts on the Swiss market. These batteries are found in our new device, the next, but also in the xtender range and in some variostring products and accessories. In 2022, about 1000 new batteries were declared and this obviously continues to increase year upon year. The Swiss market is constantly expanding.



The market is booming, sales are exploding and many systems now contain a battery (lead or lithium). The issue of recycling these batteries is therefore important and must be tackled.


Swiss law obliges all battery users to pay the recycling tax, so we pay this tax via the company Inobat for all batteries imported and sold in Switzerland.



All goods sent to Germany are also subject to a tax. In this case it is the weight that determines the amount of the tax. Each month, this tax is declared via the company Take-e-way.


In 2022, almost 15 tons of goods were sent to Germany.

Portal studer




Paper consumption used to be very high in the company. In the interests of both the economy and the environment, digitalisation has quickly made its way into the thinking of our employees in administration, management and production.


And with COVID 19 having come and gone, with most employees at home teleworking, there has been intensive digitalisation. Practically no document is printed anymore. Everything is recorded digitally so that everyone can access it no matter where they were.


These habits have persisted and even intensified. Until 2019, our archives filled the shelves with between 80 and 100 binders per year. In 2022, we only had about ten.


We also ask our suppliers and other partners to send us as many documents as possible (invoices, technical documentation, advertising flyers, etc.) by email. Only official or essential documents are then printed.


This saves space and money of course but, above all, has a much lower ecological impact.



Manuals and quick guides are available online.


We care about the environment and studer is following the trend. Among the various measures that have been in place for several years now, we are moving towards maximum digitalisation.


In addition to printing only strictly necessary administrative documents, we have decided to stop printing hard copy user manuals. Only a quick guide is sent to our customers. It contains a QR code that allows them to download the manual directly from home and to consult it easily from a tablet, computer or smartphone.


In the past, the manuals were systematically printed and sent out in four languages. That was a very large amount of paper. Thanks to digitalisation, we save a lot of ink, paper and especially waste.


All technical documents for our devices can be found on our website under the download section and are available at any time. And our support team is always on hand to respond to requests as quickly as possible.

Social actions

 Shanti Foundation

The Shanti Foundation based in Bangalore, India, has been in existence since 1995. It aims to support some 180 children in their school careers on a daily basis through different programmes. This is thanks to collaboration between Swiss and Indian foundations.


Among some of the partners and patrons is the company Studer, which has been a major supporter of this foundation for several years now.


As an innovative company focused on sustainable and renewable energy, it is important for its management to support this kind of social action.


Studer also contributes to the financing of the Foundation through targeted actions. For example, at Christmas 2022, the company chose not to send gifts to its customers. It decided instead for them to “buy” Studer marketing products in exchange for a donation to the association. A donation by Studer innotec and of course the marketing product was sent to our customer free of charge. We would like to thank those of our customers who “played the solidarity game”.



Engo, the solar charity, is an association with the mission to improve the lives of 10 Million people by the end of 2027 by providing stable and green power supply to hospitals, schools and orphanages in Sub-Saharan Africa. By installing Solar Systems and connecting them with medical devices, lighting equipment and other necessary appliances. Each project can be funded directly by donors with the committment of 100% of the donation dedicated towards the project implementation. We support Engo and we wish them a great success with a lot of impactful solar projects improving health, education and childhood services in Africa.


Electricians Without Borders – Switzerland

Studer collaborates with this young association by providing electronic equipment for a solar project in a hospital in Cameroon.


Electriciens sans frontières – Switzerland aims to provide access to electricity for the most disadvantaged populations.