More case studies
Vodafone telecom power supply in Spain
UPS backup system for EU delegation at Dunhill towers in Kenyavc_co
The first building to run on solar in Bangalore
72kva offgrid system with lithium batteries in Ireland
Charging point for electric vehicles in Spain
2 off-grid huts in France powered by lithium batteries
Grid Independent Gas Station in Morocco
Hybrid solar system for water heating Myanmar
K.A.CARE weather monitoring station Saudi Arabia
MiniGrid Pan de Azúcar Chile
Municipality of Puerto Leguizamo Colombia
Offgrid Granada Isleta Bora Bora
Offgrid Installation for the Children’s Village Westfalia Peru ES
Offgrid system at the Hornlihutte Switzerland
Argentina sungreen Agro industry ES
Five solar minigrids system ghana
India self-consumption system
Offgrid Berber’s house Costa Rica ES
Offgrid casa de la mujer Colombia
South America’s offGrid first geothermal power plant
ESS Lithium System France FR
Insolectric Spain ES
Vivienda aislada provincia buenos aires Argentina ES
Tesvolt & studer offgrid system
SUNCONNECT 4000 skid with lithium tannate batteries France FR
Solar priority in homes Chile
Rural hospital in the masai region
Rural electrification of Perico island El Salvador
Residential Solar Hybrid Project India
Project TAMBOS Peruvian government
Offgrid installation of a garage in La Alberguería de Argañán ES
Offgrid installation El Txoko de Camaron Spain ES
Empowering Mushuk Lamas Peru
Dole Banana Moving system Honduras ES
Backup system for the university of Gaza Palestine
Backup System for the Orotta hospital Eritrea
220Vac camper van Spain ES
Viva telecom power supply in Bolivia
Telefonica telecom power supply in Peru
Capanna Gnifetti offgrid mit Bakcup in Italien
Offgrid system for street lighting in Egypt
Offgrid lodges kruger national park South Africa
Hybrid minigrid at 4100 meters above sea level in Chile
3 pilot minigrid project as a demonstration technology in Chad
A photovoltaic system for water pumping in Morocco
1500 rural electrification installations in Ecuador ES
Offgrid system for trout farm Cyprus
Off-grid system Jordan border
Offgrid system mexico ES
Offgrid system Tikal National Park Guatemala
Photovoltaic system for a health center Peru ES
Rural electrification La Lecheria la Viena Colombia ES
Self-Consumption business in India
Video Surveillance System in Terralta ES
Offgrid emergency and public security services Colombia ES
Offgrid hospital San Juan de Dios Colombia ES
Offgrid system centro medical Colombia ES
Power grid support Spain ES
Euro-solar offgrid project
Intelligent Rural Community of Mistruck Honduras ES
UPS system power backup Mexico ES
Terasu solar plant power backup Philippines
SUN.CONNECT 8kVA cabinet with nickel-iron France FR
Smart rural community mirasol Honduras ES
Rural electrification Pueblo Olaroz Chico Aergentina ES
Rural electrification of Pasanga India
Residential House with Solar Priority Nicaragua ES
Offgrid system for petrol transfer Peru ES
Offgrid installation for a house in Tudela Spain ES
Offgrid feed distribution system Italy
Energy backup for computer services ES
ELectrofil west distribution Spain ES
Decentralised autonomous Parish of Montalvo Ecuador ES
Backup The smart school India
A hybrid system for the island of Andora Italy