A swiss success story:
from local to global player

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All of our products are developed, manufactured and tested in our facility in Sion, in the middle of the Alps. The country is world-famous for its spectacular mountains, impressive nature – and the pioneer spirit of the entrepreneurs. With the founding of Studer 30 years ago, Roland Studer was one of the first to bank on the success and possibilities of renewable energies. Born with the mission of offering innovative and reliable products for the offgrid market along with long-time service, this purpose has driven our success history for more than 30 years as battery-based inverters and MPPT´s experts.

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Our products have grown along with the necessities and improved as our experience expands. From our first pure sine inverter which stood out for offering the lowest standby consumption ever, to the Next series, the latest generation inverter-charger.



High quality products live from consistent further development. That’s why Studer invests more than 30% annually in research and development. In this way Studer is positioning itself for the challenges in the solar market.



High quality products come together with high added-value services. A Studer device is supplied with every detail. Our client benefits from comprehensive technical documentation, that can be complemented at any time with our technical support and after sales service. In order to improve our customers’ experience, Studer has devised financial and digital services that are unique in the world and essentially adapted to the current markets, confirming Studer’s position as a top-of-the-range player in the field of power electronics.

Studer made power: quality + innovation + service


The best part of our job is knowing we help our clients succeed. Our goal is to bring our customers value. We provide that value in a well-functioning solution, which is well taken care of and at the end is more efficient.

quality + service + innovation

Premium quality will make your business more efficient


Swiss quality require full control of the development and the manufacturing process until the final testing of every single product before dispatching. This is what brings the product reliability that we are known for, and proud of.

Innovation & services


Innovation is what defined us from the beginning, the heart of the company. Offering our clients all the possible tools so they can make the most out of the device and ensuring the widest possible data input is essential for us.


And in order to assure all these, our service, which is unique in the sector. We accompany our clients to make sure they are guided until que end of the process, when they feel they have taken full advantage of their device. Our commitment of after sales service arrives right to the end-customer.

Flexible business


Understanding our customers is essential for increasing performance of your devices. Asking for feedback helps to improve customer service and adjust to the client needs. But most importantly, Studer uses feedback to improve personalization, which helps to build the best product for you.


This customized solution is key to our company. We adapt to your necessities and develop a customized solution together. We offer support to integrate studer into your solution and with every compatible battery we customize a solution to meet your business needs.


Our support offers a complete backbone with end-to-end optimization.


Quality + environment


We are proudly certified ISO 9001 and 14001 to keep our quality and environment management at the highest levels.

Environmental policy


The protection and control of Studer’s impact on the environment is an integral part of our values. The ISO14001 certification is the visible part of it from the outside. The company takes into account the various ordinances and relevant laws in terms of the environment. Each activity of the company is analyzed according to the different possible impacts. The points identified are regularly reviewed in order to assess the reasonably possible reduction of these impacts and an action plan is put in place.


The electrical consumption is a preponderant aspect to which particular attention is paid. Thus, since 2017, all the electrical energy consumed comes from renewable sources. Each waste is systematically sorted and inserted into the planned recycling sector. Everyone, according to their activity, is made aware of the possible environmental effects. The Valais-Excellence certification validates the choice of proximity when possible, thus further reducing the ecological footprint.


Système de Management Certifié SQS ISO 9001 / 14001

Quality policy


Our quality policy applies to all our activities and aims in particular to:

  • Meet the applicable requirements according to ISO 9001
  • Preparing for the future by proactive and systematic listening to customers, monitoring appropriate technology and constant innovation at all levels of the company.
  • Guaranteeing the efficiency of the daily activities by controlling processes, competitive quality and first-rate costs.
  • Maintaining an omnipresent continuous improvement in the operational as well as in the strategic levels.
  • Provide targeted service for each client with short and reliable lead times.
  • Integrate economic, ecological and social aspects into our quality requirements followed by a sustainable development approach.
  • Meet the local sustainable development requirements of the Canton of Valais regulated by the “Valais Excellence” certification.
  • Make satisfaction a natural and daily reflex in everyone’s mind.
  • Engaging staff through communication, training and recognition.

We are proud members of…

Solar Impulse efficient solutions

Solar Impulse

Towards a portfolio of 1000 labelled solutions

To address environmental challenges while enabling economic growth, Bertrand Piccard has launched, through the Solar Impulse Foundation, the challenge of selecting 1000 profitable solutions to protect the environment in order to convince decision-makers in governments and businesses to achieve their environmental targets and adopt more ambitious energy policies, which are necessary to pull these solutions to market.

The aim: to accelerate the transition to a carbon-free and sustainable economy.


A label focused on both the environment and profitability

The first label to assess the economic profitability of products or processes that protect the environment. The Solar Impulse Efficient Solution Label is attributed following a strict selection process performed by external independent experts. By ensuring high standards of sustainability and profitability, this internationally recognized label is considered as a recognition for innovators and as a credible marker of quality for solution seekers in business and governments, facilitating their sourcing of solutions to reach environmental commitments.


Boosting the adoption of profitable solutions to protect the environment

The Solar Impulse Foundation aims to identify clean, efficient and profitable solutions in order to accelerate their implementation and the transition to a sustainable economy. Thanks to the awarding of a label with high standards of sustainability and profitability, the Foundation can support political and economic decision-makers in their efforts to achieve their environmental targets and encourage them to adopt more ambitious energy regulations, necessary for implementation at large-scale of these solutions on the market.

A way to take the success of the first round-the-world solar flight further.

Valais excellence certified

Valais Excellence

Decades of local anchoring

We have been developing, manufacturing and testing our products in Sion (Valais region), in the heart of the Swiss Alps, ever since 1987. We therefore wanted to show that we belong to this magnificent region by joining the “Valais Excellence” label.

This certification was created to reward those Valais-based companies which stand out because of their social and environmental performance, while continuously improving their products and services.


Quality assurance for our partners

For Studer’s partners, the label is evidence that our company

  • is based in the Valais
  • holds ISO 9001 certification for quality and ISO 14001 for the environment
  • is committed to the Valais and its inhabitants

In order to be eligible, we had to meet a number of criteria relating to governance, as well as societal, environmental and human aspects. Our internal processes were analysed, in particular those involving the development of our products, our facilities and our relations with local partners.

We were really keen to have a positive influence on the Valais ecosystem, which has allowed us to develop over time.

ARE (Alliance for Rural Electrification)

Alliance for Rural Electrification (ARE), as an international business association based in Brussels, encourages access to affordable and clean energy to rural people with low and medium incomes. They promote decentralised energy access for the 21st century.

ARE enables improved energy access through business development support for more than 170 Members along the whole value chain for off-grid technologies.

Furthermore, they provide technical / financial recommendations and want to match B2B companies with financing solutions by facilitating access to funds.

They offer as services for their members Market intelligence, policy & Advocacy Support, Communication / Marketing and an international job platform.


Collaboration about the future of Energy

We think that our goals are common because we both want to reduce carbon emission and increase access to clean energy for off-grid applications. We are participating actively in international events in order to pave the way to a brighter future.


AFSIA (Africa Solar Industry Association)

Association for solar professionals in Africa

Africa Solar Industry Association (AFSIA) act as the reference association for solar professionals in Africa. Based in Kigali, Rwanda, they promote grid-connected projects, off-grid solar & hybrid systems that include include storage to solar water pumping, solar stoves or solar water heaters.

They want to strengthen the solar industry across the continent and provide networking opportunities.


Being a member of AFSIA?

AFSIA gives access to:

  • Companies database: more than 4,000 companies’ solar companies database ( Reports, radiation map, …)
  • Projects database: more than 6,000 projects
  • Tenders database: Members have access to the industry’s solar projects tender’s database
  • Job portal: Members can share vacancies with AFSIA’s network of 45,000 solar professionals
  • Webinars and Product Showcase: AFSIA organizes regular digital events on trending topics of the African solar industry
  • Who’s Who interview: interviews on individuals who are shaping the solar industry in Africa
  • Events promotion or management: to their network of 45,000 solar professionals
  • B2B matchmaking: knowledge and understanding of the African solar landscape and ability to identify business opportunities


Studer’s membership with AFSIA

We are proud to be AFSIA’s member and contribute to the development of the african solar industry. Both of us think that solar energy is the best ally for the future!

We are looking forward to starting our activities together!

We are studer

Our board of directors and management team