Studer care


Exceeding timeless quality
At studer, we offer two exceptional warranty plans to ensure the longevity and performance of your power electronics. Our standard plan, studercare, includes repairs, maintenance, and updates for your equipment. For even greater peace of mind, we offer studercare+. In addition to the benefits of studercare, studercare+ includes extended warranty coverage, priority service and premium services for our smart devices, the next series.

Studer care, more than warranty


5+5 = 10-year warranty

All our products from the series aj, vario, xtender and next benefit for the longest warranty-period from the sector for battery-based power electronics, benefiting of a 10-year warranty, without any further procedure required. Learn more about your Studer limited warranty conditions.


In addition, studer care provides a wide range of accompanying services. We have a dedicated team for technical support assisting our professional partners in every aspect related to the pre- and after-sales. Visit our assistance section, our technicians will be glad to help you.

Studer service centers

As the cornerstone of a great service, we are building our Studer professional service centers network to serve you closer to your needs. We have as well a great list of Qualifed Service Partners (QSP) that could help you servicing your xtender, vario and aj devices.  


Our team prepares for you and your clients online and in person training sessions. From techno-commercial product training to advance technical configurations. Do not hesitate to contact us for for information. Find the next trainings and exhibitions.

Visit the autarky factory

We are open and glad to welcome you at our factory in Sion (Switzerland), where we could accompany in a tour to witness the swiss made power. Speak with your Studer representative and organize your next trip to visit us. And please bring along your closest clients and technicians.

Stop obsolescence

At Studer we try to face planned obsolescence, as a question of respect for both our clients and our planet. Waste is a major issue and we want to play a role. Our high-quality products are designed to last. They can be repaired and will stay with you for an entire generation.

Swiss made power


From design, manufacture, assembly and final testing before shipping. We control the full process from our factory in Sion (Switzerland). 

All products manufactured by Studer have a 10-year warranty period. Learn more about your Studer limited warranty conditions. It is possible to extend the factory warranty an additional 5 years period (total 15-year warranty period) for the next3 with the studer care+ program.

Studer care+


Peace of mind program, long term strategy
The next3 is an innovative design from our R&D. We have dedicated our best efforts to offer you and your clients the possibility of an innovative service accompanying the next3. Studer care+ is much more than a professional warranty service and has various advantages for both professionals and final clients.

Studer care+, a professional after-sales service


10+5, a 15-year warranty

Studer care+ extends the warranty of your next3 device from 10 to 15 years

Simple and easy warranty procedures

Priority warranty support and streamlined returns. Studer care+ repairs are treated in priority

Dedicated service centers network


Official service centers available for a privilege service closer to your projects

Lifetime technical support guarantee

We repair the electronics, we care. Studer care+ provides access in priority to our technical support team

No interruption in client service

Elite customer service with a replacement device for every warranty claim. Your client is always served, you save money and time


studer carestuder care +
warranty10 years15 years
repair1st come, 1st servepriority
support1st come, 1st servepriority
replacementnot includedincluded

Minimize unforeseen, maximize reliability


On top of the studer care features, protect the next3 for 990 CHF and unleash extended after-sale services. Order the studer care+ at product purchase or within 2 years of the date of manufacture. For professional studer care+ orders, please check with your Studer contact person.


How it works?

1. order studer care+ for 990 CHF at product purchase or within 2 years of the date of manufacture
2. fill the form with all relevant data if you order after purchase. Studer care+ is linked to the device serial number.
3. our team will analyze the info and confirm the studer care+ activation.

You can order studer care+ through your installer or studer representative. The studer care+ coverage will be registered in our system linked to the product serial number. The studer care+ invoice is the proof of the extended product coverage.

Declare a claim


In case of issue with a registered device, please contact the installer and our team as soon as possible. Studer care+ requests are treated in priority by our technical team. We advise setting up a virtual assistance session with our technical support team. It is important to identify the problem and avoid operational devices being replaced. In case of failure confirmation, our technical support team will guide you through the claim. A replacement product will be organized and supplied on a “best effort” basis. Warranty eligibility shall be confirmed after failed product reception by Studer or our service centre. Studer care+ repairs are treated on a priority basis.

Studer care+ general conditions

Check the general conditions of studer care+ service. The warranty conditions are available in the download section.

Studer care+ form


Fill the form with all relevant data, your demand will be received and analyzed by our administration team. We will provide a registration confirmation by email. 



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    The serial number can be found under the next3 behind the AC inputs

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