The next3 is the new powerful player for off-grid, on-grid and hybrid installations. A 3 phase 16 kW inverter-charger with 2 built-in solar high voltage MPPT inputs with 8 + 8 KW.



100% off+ongrid


A grid-tied solution, 100% offgrid. Full backup capabilities if required with peak power supplying any type of loads. Transfer switch integrated, no need of external backup setups. Compatible with other AC sources as generators. The grid is optional not mandatory.

AC flex


The unique AC flex interface can be configured as a second source or an extra controlled load.

Compact for an easy installation


The installation and wiring have never been easier with only one device replacing up to 6 in a typical installation.

New improved smart boost function


The Smart Boost2 function helps adapting to the source limitations with the battery in the most versatile way, facilitating for example phase balancing or peak-shaving.


Power flow dispatcher®, the brain of the whole system


System oriented, the new power flow dispatcher® centralizes the power management of the complete system integrally.

All battery technology ready


The next3 is compatible with almost every 48V battery technology. An integrated CAN-BMS interface ensures a plug and play solution with communicating lithium batteries.

All-in-one with solar built-in


The next3 incorporates 2 high voltage MPPT inputs of last generation for a 16 KW integrated solar power. 

next interface, the new gate to the next ecosystem using nextOS


With the inverter-charger, we have developed a new comprehensive interface. One single and central user interface per complete system. The next interface is the new gate to the next ecosystem using nextOS, an intuitive smart platform to configure, control and analyse your system. Making life easier for both professional installers and final users.

Rack 19” ready


The next3 is also available in 19” rack version for a smooth professional integration taking advantage of all the versatility of rack installations including complete solution integrating rack batteries, high index protection, controlled temperature among others.

next3 rack

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Options & accessories

model nx3 st full option

nx3 st

next3 full option (standard)

model nx3 st full option + interface

nx3 sti

next3 full option + interface

nx3 rack st

next3 full option (standard)

nx3 rack sti

next3 full option + interface

nx tempSensor battery temperature sensor

nx tempSensor

battery temperature sensor

nx user interface

nx interface

next3 user interface

dongle wifi

nx wifidongle

nx bypass box

nx bypass box

Technical data