The variotrack MPPT solar charge controller maximizes the energy generated by charging the batteries in an optimal way. The accuracy of the Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) algorithm, the high peak efficiency and low internal consumption ensure an optimal valorisation of the energy produced by the PV modules to all types of battery technology.



Rugged and durable, this device is designed to perform in harsh environmental conditions (IP54)


Suitable for any solar and battery system


High tracking efficiency >99%

Advanced battery accessories

bts 01 Temperature sensor

bts 01

Temperature sensor

bsp Advanced battery processor (lead-acid)


Advanced battery processor (lead-acid)

xcom CAN Communication with lithium BMS

xcom CAN

Communication with lithium BMS

Display, datalogger, monitoring and communication

rcc 02/03 Configuration, display, datalogger

rcc 02/03

Configuration, display, datalogger

xcom LAN/GSM Remote monitoring (Portal & App)

xcom LAN/GSM

Remote monitoring (Portal & App)

xcom 232i/CAN/485i Communication bridges (openstuder)

xcom 232i/CAN/485i

Communication bridges (openstuder)

Compatible accessories

vario solar charge controller


solar charge controller

xtender battery inverter


battery inverter

arm 02 External auxiliary contacts module

arm 02

External auxiliary contacts module

ecf 01 Cooling fan for xts

ecf 01

Cooling fan for xts

Technical data


variotrack vt65