Next1 rack

next1 rack

Next1 rack


The Next1 rack is the rack version of the Next1 device in 19″ rack format. Our new single-phase, low frequency topology smart inverter-charger for off-grid and grid-tied applications ensuring the highest overload capability and the minimum standby consumption.



Solar AC|DC


The philosophy we are bringing to our Next1 rack is to work seamlessly with any solar inverters coupled on AC and/or our solar charge controllers coupled on DC for new or retrofitting installations.

Next1 rack AC solar

Power flow dispatcher®, the brain of the whole system


System oriented, the power flow dispatcher® centralizes the power management of the complete system integrally.

100% off+ongrid


A grid-tied solution, 100% offgrid. Full backup capabilities if required with peak power supplying any type of loads. Transfer switch integrated, no need of external backup setups. Compatible with other AC sources as generators. The grid is optional not mandatory..

AC flex


The unique AC flex interface can be configured as a second source or an extra controlled load. Fully monitored connection for open possibilities: generator, EV charger, load management…


Rack your Next1!


Enjoy the versatility of rack installations with our Next1 rack 19″ including complete solution integrating rack batteries, high index protection, controlled temperature among others. The rack environment for a limitless potential.


Next1 rack in a cabinet

Single-phase, bi-phase, three-phase, up to 3 units per phase


Up to 9 Next1 rack

Compatible 120Vac


Our Next1 rack will be fully compatible with 120Vac countries (coming soon).

Your phone is the new alternative to the nx interface


Your smartphone replaces our nx interface and offers you the same possibilities: flexible system graphs and data, comprehensive dashboard, easy upgrade process, guided built-in help and many more.


The nx interface is still available as an optional accessory.

Battery compatibility


The Next1 incorporates our flexible battery profile options, compatible with lead-acid and Li-ion batteries. Ask our team for other battery technologies.

Options & accessories

nx user interface

nx interface

next user interface

nx tempSensor battery temperature sensor

nx tempSensor

battery temperature sensor

nx vario picto

nx vario
solar charger controller

dongle wifi

nx wifidongle

Technical data

Next1 rack