The new smart inverter-charger for off-grid and grid-tied applications. A single-phase smart inverter-charger with low frequency topology ensuring the highest overload capability and the minimum standby consumption.



Also available in 120Vac and UL compliant


The next1 will have 120Vac output version meeting the UL standards (coming soon).

Battery compatibility


The next1 incorporates our flexible battery profile options, compatible with lead-acid and Li-ion batteries. Ask our team for other battery technologies.

AC flex


The unique AC flex interface can be configured as a second source or an extra controlled load.

Power flow dispatcher®, the brain of the whole system


System oriented, the power flow dispatcher® centralizes the power management of the complete system integrally.

Full interactive grid inverter


Including an AC source with double disconnection relay with the grid. This input complies with the latest grid-tied regulations in the UE and other regions.

grid inverter

Solar AC


The next1 works smoothly with solar inverters coupled both on the AC loads and/or AC flex ports.

Rack 19” ready


The next1 rack version is available for 19” professional rack and batteries integration.

rack next1

nextOS, the gate to the powerful next ecosystem


nextOS is an intuitive smart platform to configure, control and analyse your system. Making life easier for both professional installers and final users.


Options & accessories

nx1 rack

nx user interface

nx interface

next user interface

nx tempSensor battery temperature sensor

nx tempSensor

battery temperature sensor

dongle wifi

nx wifidongle

Technical data