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Keep an eye on the system


Today, monitoring a renewable energy system is essential. The studer monitoring and remote-control tools provide continuous information (real-time and past behaviour) for a deep understanding of the operation of the system. Having the right information at hand facilitates the follow up of the main performance indicators as well as remote diagnostics and problem anticipation.

Visualization tools adapted to everyone


There are three main levels of monitoring and control in the studer environment:

  • remote monitoring and control for professionals – studer portal
  • remote monitoring for end-users – studer easy monitoring app
  • local monitoring and control

The monitoring is possible both locally and remotely with all  next smart inverter chargers, xtender inverter/chargers and vario mppt chargers.

Openstuder to develop your own advanced monitoring and control system


On top of our monitoring tools that are available with our devices, we keep a very open communication philosophy. Using our communication bridges every professional can integrate studer devices (with full control and information) into advanced monitoring systems. 

We have different public protocols for external communication:

  • xtender range: Studer serial protocol, Studer CAN public protocol, Studer Modbus RTU public protocol
  • next range: Studer Modbus RTU & TCP/IP public protocols

There is a wide range of advanced monitoring system that already incorporate our protocols. If you want to integrate studer in your own platform or learn more about advanced monitoring integration please contact our team and check openstuder for further information.

User interface rcc02/03 + nx interface


Local monitoring and control. The gateway to configure, control and monitor your Studer system. All essential information saved directly on a USB or SD card at the place of installation.

double interface next



Every next series device is compatible with nextOS, our latest limitless energy management platform. With different user profiles and configuration assistance, autodatalogger built-in USB, flexible system graphs and data, comprehensive simplified dashboard, easy upgrade process, guided built-in help and documentation and many more.

xtender multitools


The datalogger function integrated in the rcc 02/03 and xcom accessories, records and analyzes the Xtender system’s data. The main electrical values are saved on the SD card in the remote control enabling the follow up on the system’s energy consumption evolution, to check the power cuts, the state of the auxiliary contacts, the input currents and voltages, and a long list of different values and parameters. Moreover, attached to this function, Studer offers a free analysis tool, Xtender multitools in the format of a Windows executable, allowing all recorded data to be collected and to display them graphically. The data are then easy to read and understand at a glance. You can download the xtender multitools in the downloads section.

rcc 02/03


The rcc 02/03 is the remote control center for a xtender system, where all the system configuration and information is centralized. You can easily configure every device in the installation, update your system firmware and troubleshoot the installation. A SD card reader is available and allows parameters recording, as well as the uploading of various pre-settings and of all future updates.


Studer portal for professionals


Full remote monitoring and control for professionals and advanced users.

studer portal professional

A portal with a wide range of functionalities


  • Configure and manage your installations from a central platform
  • Live view of a system’s consumption and production
  • Remote access to the system including programming possibilities
  • Graphic views of the system’s operating history
  • Consult logbook of events and alarms
  • All data history downloadable as a standard .csv file
  • Receive notifications by email and SMS
  • Share the monitoring of installations and manage right access to the different functionalities.

Key benefits of remote monitoring


The monitoring system is a very helpful tool during commissioning. You can share the installation with technicians or even our support team for assisting while an intervention on the site. Once the installation is running, it is possible to analyze the system behavior and adjust configuration to correct deviations and anticipate issues before they appear. Easily prepare system reports for your clients, advising about system performance and proposing the next maintenance task to be conducted.

A professional tool


Studer portal provides an advanced and full access to the system information and configuration. Our professional clients use the portal to manage the operation and maintenance activities. You can contact us if you would like to have some ideas on how to use the portal professionally and some reporting templates. We are continuously working for adding new functionalities, developing digitalization services especially adapted for professionals. Stay tuned for new professional features.


Visit our portal and sing in for a demo


The portal is available automatically and without any additional cost when the installation is connected using either xcom LAN/GSM for the xtender range or the nx interface for the next range.

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Studer easy monitoring app


A quick look on your main system performance indicators from your tablet/phone.

studer portal app

Especially designed for end users


The Studer easy monitoring app has a user-friendly design which makes easy to keep an eye on an installation, displaying the most important system values at a glance. While the Studer portal provides full access to the control and configuration of the system, the easy monitoring app is a pure monitoring tool reading real-time and past data from the installation. Thus, this remote monitoring can be shared without risks to any final user of the system.



  • Check live status: power, energy and battery status
  • Analyse past data: power and energy graphs
  • See the system notifications

You can control your own installation and show your relatives how you make a wise use of the energy

Download the “Studer easy monitoring app”


The easy monitoring app is available automatically and without any additional cost when the installation is connected using either xcom LAN/GSM for the xtender range or the nx interface for the next range. A professional installer should register the installation in the portal before it is available in the app. 

Download now in the Apple Store or Google Play.

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