next3 rack


next3 rack


The next3 rack is the next3 device in rack version. Our powerful player for off-grid, on-grid and hybrid installations. A 3 phase 16 kW inverter-charger with 2 built-in solar high voltage MPPT inputs with 8 + 8 KW. Ready to be installed in a rack cabinet in combination with rack batteries and electrical protections for a full professional solution.



100% off+ongrid


A grid-tied solution, 100% offgrid. Full backup capabilities if required with peak power supplying any type of loads. Transfer switch integrated, no need of external backup setups. Compatible with other AC sources as generators. The grid is optional not mandatory.

World-class communication: CAN BMS


The integrated CAN BMS communication is plug&play. Select your battery model and configure your battery strategy quickly and easily.

Integration made easy


Our open philosophy is meant to facilitate full control of the device to take the best out of it. Incorporated bidirectional Modbus communication allows professional integration for the highest added value professional solutions.


next3 rack integration made easy

Let’s rack!


Smooth professional integration taking advantage of all the versatility of rack installations including complete solution integrating rack batteries, high index protection, controlled temperature among others. The rack environment for a limitless potential.


The heart of the system


The next3 is the central hub distributing smartly the energy from the sources to the loads, without any required external meter or accessory.


the heart of the next3 rack system

Options & accessories

model nx3 st full option

nx3 st

next3 full option (standard)

model nx3 st full option + interface

nx3 sti

next3 full option + interface

nx3 rack st

next3 full option (standard)

nx3 rack sti

next3 full option + interface

nx tempSensor battery temperature sensor

nx tempSensor

battery temperature sensor

nx user interface

nx interface

next3 user interface

dongle wifi

nx wifidongle

nx bypass box

nx bypass box

Technical data

next3 rack