infra, solar autarky hub


Infra is our new concept for our proposed complete energy infrastructure for your facility. The infra solar autarky hub secures the energy supply of a building, the integrated next3 rack centralizes the management of the solar generation, the storage, the grid and the loads. You can build your own infra concept to match your specific project requirements.

The combination of the next and rack worlds opens a wide new range of reliable and independent energy possibilities. Dive into the infra concept and explore all the options that we have assembled for you.



solar autarky hub


The standard 3-phase 16kW system including 24kW of solar and 30kWh of storage can secure the energy of a small facility with an average yearly 85% autonomy. The device topology embraces a full backup capability to run offgrid if required. Without any additional accessory your system will automatically switch to offgrid mode and continue powering the loads and the users will not even notice.

next + rack, the ultimate duo


Combine up to 3 next3 in parallel if more power is needed, integrate your rack batteries and your electrical bypass for a plug-and-play solution. Do you have special project requirements, check the outdoor cabinet and take maximum advantage of working with the rack flexibility.

next3 rack, the heart of the system


The next3 is the central hub distributing smartly the energy from the sources to the loads, maximizing your autarky rate and without any required external meter or accessory.


the heart of the next3 rack system

manufactured, assembled and tested


At our factory in Sion we manufacture the next3 rack. We assemble the cabinet and install the next3 rack, batteries and accessories according to the selected items. Studer technicians cable all the elements and the full infra cabinet is tested before shipment. Shipping can be organized with the assembled infra cabinet as plug and play or in separate pieces for facilitating transportation and ready to be installed and operated.

Options & accessories

battery rack

battery rack

1 to 6 battery 5kWh unit (min 3 units recommended)

nx bypass rack

nx bypass rack

optional rack 80A bypass

outdoor cabinet

infra outdoor

for special conditions

infra battery

1 to 10 additional 5kWh battery units

Technical data

infra nx3