Studer, a leader in energy conversion solutions – B SMART

Our CEO Loïc Viret participated in an interview with B SMART about autarky and the latest technical solutions we can provide.


“From the beginning, Studer products have been used wherever there is no electricity network (high mountain refuges, isolated villages in Asia or Africa, etc.) or where the network is unstable and unreliable (to ensure the electricity supply to hospitals, industries, schools or other structures that are more or less sensitive to a stable electricity supply). But that’s not all. We have also extended its activities. “For some years now, our products have also been used in private homes to store renewable energy produced during the day for use in the evening. This gives users maximum autarky (often close to 85% over the year).” says Loïc.


To learn more you can click here to read the article or to watch the video (In French).