Autarky Day

How to combine intelligent and local energy management with electric mobility?

On 9 June 2022, more than 120 experts from the electrical and photovoltaic sectors in French-speaking Switzerland met on our company headquarters in Sion (Switzerland) for the official launch of our new energy manager, next3. On this occasion, we received a visit from the Solar Butterfly, the first mobile home to travel around the world, powered by solar energy thanks to the next3 equipment integrated into the heart of the vehicle.


Autarky day, a day about energy independence

The Autarky Day programme included discovery workshops on the next3 energy manager manufactured in Sion and two conferences for professionals:

  • Boosting autarky: Pierre-Olivier Moix, CTO of studer told us about the next3, which brings the benefits of off-grid systems to grid-connected facilities.
  • Producing your own energy: Julien Morard, CEO of smartsuna presented the autarky model and examples of solar installations.

During the day our CEO Loïc Viret was interviewed on the theme of energy self-sufficiency by Louis Palmer the founder of Solar Butterfly.

Energy autarky, electrical independence within everyone’s reach

This model of producing and consuming one’s own energy makes it possible to react to ecological and energy challenges. This new approach completely breaks through the technical and economic limitations known until now.

Transforming your home or business building into a self-sufficient system means becoming a full-fledged player in the electricity network to which the object is connected. It means guaranteeing a stable supply of electricity. It means protecting yourself against market price fluctuations. Or it means ensuring the daily recharging of your electric vehicle or your fleet of professional vehicles with renewable energy.

Our next3 energy manager is the only all-in-one energy converter on the market, allowing full control over the production, storage, and distribution of its electrical energy. Therefore, it is the central element of a self-sufficient photovoltaic system.


Solar roof


Solar Butterfly, the solar mobile home travelling through 99 countries to raise awareness of electric mobility and identify innovative solutions for the climate

Fourteen years ago, Louis Palmer became the first man to circumnavigate the earth in a fully solar-powered vehicle. This is not the first time he has done this, which is why he has developed, together with the HES-SO in Lucerne, the first mobile home pulled by a Tesla Model X that is 100% recharged with solar energy.

The vehicle’s world tour aims to identify 1,000 innovative projects to combat global warming at local events, including Autarky Day.

The Solar Butterfly was present in front of our Factory.


The solarbutterfly


Studer, technical partner of the Solar Butterfly with its latest energy manager, the next3

Studer is committed to maintaining this environmental action for 4 years with its latest equipment, the next3. “For the Solar Butterfly team, it was an obvious choice to integrate our equipment into the Solar Butterfly, given its ergonomics, its weight/power ratio and its flexibility of integration,” says Lucien Debons (Senior business development manager Switzerland of Studer).

The integration of this device provides the Solar Butterfly team with total energy autonomy, supplying the various electrical appliances in the habitat (audiovisual equipment, kitchen, lamps, etc.), charging the storage batteries and also allowing the electric car to be recharged during the 200 km travelled daily. Below you can find an explanation of the energy concept of this vehicle.