Infra, energy autarky hub

Our new complete energy infrastructure concept for your facility: infra is now ready to be installed.


The infra solar autarky hub secures the energy supply of a building, the integrated next3 rack centralizes the management of the solar generation, the storage, the grid and the loads.


The result of combining the next and rack worlds, opens a wide new range of reliable and independent energy possibilities. Dive into the infra concept and explore all the options that we have assembled for you. It integrates rack batteries and an electrical bypass for a plug-and-play solution.



Do you have special project requirements? Check the outdoor cabinet and take the maximum advantage of working with the rack flexibility. You can build your own infra concept to match your requirements.


Manufactured, assembled, and tested.

As you know, we manufacture the next3 rack at our factory in Sion. We assemble the infra cabinet and our technicians install the next3 rack, batteries and accessories. The full infra cabinet is tested before shipment.


Shipping can be organized with the assembled infra cabinet as plug and play or in separate pieces for facilitating transportation and ready to be installed and operated.


The first units of infra cabinets have recently left our factory, what are you waiting for integrating infra in your next energy project?



You can find more information here


If you would like to try the new infra for your next project, please contact Our team will be happy to help you.


You can click here to read the press release of the infra cabinet (In English).