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Swiss made advanced energy management

By combining the next3 with Solar Manager EMS you have a 100%🇨🇭 swiss made solar autarky solution to efficiently supply a great range of different applications and projects.


Our next3 smart inverter charger is officially supported by Solar Manager AG, an advanced Energy Management System for residential applications:

🔆 optimizing self-consumption in multi-inverter applications

📊 energy assistance and forecast

🚘 e-mobility

🔋 load management

♨️ heating&water systems, and many more.


The Solar Manager system communicates via Modbus with the next3 since more than 1 year ago. Recently, the implementation of active control has been achieved. A system with multiple next3 and multiple PV sources (solar AC coupling) can be managed integrally, to maximize self-consumption and use of battery storage in facility connected to photovoltaic systems bigger than next3 transfer current.


Advanced residential solar autarky


Upgrade an existing solar AC installation with the incorporation of the next3 for adding storage and additional PV production to maximize autonomy and independence from grid fluctuations. The Solar Manager can integrate all the elements seamlessly in the same monitoring system and apply smart energy strategies, especially by controlling large consumers.


In order to shorten the amortization period of the system and save energy costs, the load management can be operated in a cost-optimized manner with e-mobility, heat pumps or hot water preparation according to solar and storage availability.


Smart energy management for commercial & industrial facilities


The Solar Manager analyses the energy fluxes near the main grid connection point (see the point in green), aggregating the total energy consumption, total PV production, and integrating all these information in the same platform to apply smart energy strategies.  For example, if the building has some excess energy, Solar Manager can pilot all the next3 to charge the batteries at this stage instead of selling energy back to the grid.


In case the aggregated loads are bigger than the total PV production (or during night), the Solar Manager can pilot the next3 to feed energy into the building from the batteries (solar excess from the day) and therefore consume “zero” energy from the grid.

There is a great list of compatible components for integral energy management (EV chargers, heating & cooling, load management, water heating, sensors, etc.)


Smart energy communities

With an smart energy community, the solar energy can be optimally utilized in residential buildings. The Solar Manager not only optimizes the self-consumption and autonomy, but also makes energy data such as PV production and consumption available for billing separately. Each party receives a clear insight into the PV production and personal consumption, which contributes to a conscious use of electricity. This solution is very interesting for residential apartment buildings.


Swiss made limitless energy management

With Solar Manager and the next3 there is no limitation in the configuration of your solar autarky solution for residential and C&I applications. Contact our team to jump into the future of energy management for your projects.