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A newly built individual house on the slopes of the Rhone valley surrounded by vineyards with excellent sun exposure. Faced with the announcement of an important increase in the electricity price and a potential risk of energy shortage leading to blackouts, the house owner was willing to secure the energy supply and secure the price of the electricity.   


Build a house with the energy supply secured for the next decades


The house is built with the latest technologies and includes efficient electrical heating pump and 2 charging stations for electrical vehicles. A state of art construction secures the efficiency of the house in terms of heating and cooling. There are further electrical consumptions that can be configured in case of solar excess, for example a jacuzzi. In addition, they recharge their electric car when returning home at the end of the day with the solar energy produced during the day.  


Given the current scenario and the owner’s philosophy, the electrical installation was meant to be as autonomous as possible. The goal is to run as much as possible offgrid and manage its own produced energy self-sufficiently. The system should evolve according to the energy evolution, with the addition of further battery storage if required in the near future. 




Swiss made autarky


The next3 platform and its smart energy management system provided the peace of mind of having the right system for the next decades. The fact that the device is 100% manufactured in a facility close by was a very positive aspect ensuring the long-term reliability and repairability. The client was provided with a turn-key complete solution, and it is accompanied from the installation to the operation with local teams available for advice and support.


The system is intuitive, and energy has become one of the arguments around the table. They are aware of their energy demand and consumption, and they want to set an example as a reasonable contributor to the energy transition in Switzerland.  Having their own energy to recharge their electric vehicle was a key element for going for electric mobility. Sharing their experiences and having visits from the neighbors, they are already promoting a sustainable way of living as they have joined the solar autarky.




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