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Itelazpi is a public company that provides radio, television and communication services, as well as the management of public telecommunications infrastructures, with great attention to the quality of service and protection of the natural environment.


Reducing the dependence on diesel generators to power telecommunication applications without connection to the electricity grid is a challenge. Itelazpi, as a broadcasting operator, wants to be an organisation recognised as excellent by the EiTB (the public broadcasting group that manages the broadcasting media in the Basque Country), and also aspires to be the Basque public administration’s reference organisation for telecommunications services. For this reason, the company has chosen to power their antennas with solar and wind energy.



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A system combining several energy sources

In order to achieve the objective of reducing diesel consumption, the proposed solution is based on direct energy storage by deep-cycle lead batteries. The OPzS technology allows for a reduction in the number of operating hours of the diesel generators. This was made possible by the energy produced by Enair and Bornay wind turbines as well as on-site photovoltaic panels that store energy in the batteries. In the event that wind or PV generation is not available, the diesel generator takes over to power the antennas.


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