New software releases for next and xtender series

We keep our work towards the continuous improvement of our products, where the software represents the graphical interface with the product.

Our development team has released two new software updates for both the next and the xtender series with a range of new interesting features, improvements and bug corrections.


Xtender release R684

New functionalities for the xcom CAN, with a new submenu, new parameter to prioritize the solar AC coupling, new parameter to handle the current regulators Ki and the periodical 100% function in beta mode for stabilizing the end of the charge. An additional security for over voltage management has been incorporated as well as an improvement in the SoC for end of charge. In addition, a SoC for backup with AC coupling bug has been fixed in the xcom CAN.


The new software release brings some improvements in the variotrack family. An additional security for over temperature management for vt 40 version C and D, an improvement in the fan detection for identification of vt 80 and a reduction in the fast-loop duration to prevent overrun in the internal communication.


The xcom incorporates two new paramters to test the GPRS signal level (xcom GSM) and to disable LAN/GSM connection messages.


As usual you could find detailed information in the release notes included with the software update file that is available in our downloads section.


Next software update v1.1.0.0

The new v1.1.0.0 software brings wifi compatibility to connect the nx interface to the internet, using the new wifi dongle accessory. The configuration is very simple, compatible with WPA and WPA-2 networks from the configuration page which displays the connection status.

In addition, another interesting novelty is the new starting voltage of the MPPT algorithm, which is lowered down to 200V, making it easier to configure panel strings with lower voltages and allowing higher solar operation in contexts of less favorable conditions.


There is also a new compatible lithium battery “UZ battery” whose communication has been validated by the technical team.


Finally, numerous improvements have been added to the menus and descriptions, repaired the detected bugs and other security and functionality improvements. More information on the software update page in the online manual here.


We hope that the new functionalities are helpful and we thank you for your support and feedback. As usual, please do not hesitate to contact our support team in case of questions.

Warm regards,