Minigrid for agriculture activities in Myanmar

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A minigrid installation to power a village as well as the harvesting machines for rice


The Nyaung Kyo village in Bago Region in Myanmar is far from the national grid, that will not be extended in the next 10 years.
An off-grid solar system was the answer for powering the village’s rice hullers (agricultural machines that remove the outer coat of the rice) as well as the irrigation pumps and the households


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The minigrid system

Commissioned in 2020, this off-grid system of 59.4kW supplies Nyaung Kyo village 157 HH and public facilities with 24 hr supply electricity, including the irrigation pumps and agricultural machines.
Each energy unit has a fixed price and the consumers pay in advance their estimated energy consumption on a monthly basis.
Other village houses may also join the local network once they pay the minimum connection fee.

For this project, high quality uninterrupted power with high surge handling capacity and best efficiency was vital, both technically and commercially. In this case the xth 8000-48 in the xtender series meets the highest requirements especially with a surge capacity of 21kVA, three times its nominal power.


Minigrid myanmar (2)



What is the outcome of the project?

The village enjoys access to energy through a Mini Grid system that provides them with power whenever they need it. The smooth operating system is free from pollution and provides the village independent energy. Significantly reduce of firewood consumption and environmental pollution

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