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When Autarctech started to build their new office with production and laboratory, they wanted to get as energy independent as possible, living up to their company slogan: enjoy independence.


Among the prerequisites were to have a system with enough energy to be able to work at least 8 hours per day, even if there is a power outage, as well as being able of handling additional energy requirements, i.e. charging an e-car or an increased production of their active balanced storage systems. It should also be possible to upgrade the system easily and they wanted to test different energy management systems with the setup.



Entirely electric consumption

The building is efficiently heated with an air heat pump. Low temperature underfloor heating is installed in each room and there is a controlled ventilation system with heat recovery. All warm water is generated electrically through a central heating boiler.

As all energy necessary to run the building, the offices and the meeting room as well as the production and laboratory is electrical, our client have chosen to install a 3-phase power grid with one studer xth 8000-48 on each phase.


Management of the system

The studer inverter/chargers are controlling the Fronius inverter to enable charge and disable discharge through programming.


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During daylight the Fronius inverter first delivers energy for the power grid and on top charges the battery up to 95% SOC. When the battery is at 95% the Fronius is put on hold level and just feeds enough energy into the system to run the building. The battery is used to cover peaks that the PV-inverter can’t deliver.

As soon as there is not enough energy coming from the photovoltaic, the battery is discharged and delivers the necessary power. When the battery has reached a level below 85% SOC, the photovoltaic inverter is activated again to charge the battery if energy is available. During nighttime the battery is still discharged. During summertime, there is no need receiving additional energy from the outside.


What is the outcome of the project?

The system is running very stable without any connection to an external grid for several months. The company has been able to test their battery storage as well as the complete set up of their
facility. This one is also working as a demonstration installation showing customers what possibilities there are in regards of using renewable energy for a smaller company.

The Customer


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