Studer becomes the official distributor of Weco batteries in Switzerland

With carbon emissions and energy costs on the rise, electricity users of all kinds are seeking effective and affordable ways to go green. At the same time, achieving net-zero emissions and securing the electricity supply require empowering homes and businesses to become self-sufficient with solar and battery storage.


As part of our clean energy vision, we are strengthening our collaborations with strategic partners in order to be able to secure an integral approach solution for our clients.


We have reached an agreement and Studer becomes the official distributor of Weco batteries for Switzerland, where we secure the supply of a key asset for the energy system of our Swiss clients, and we support Weco in the development of the Swiss market.


Through this collaboration we reinforce the supply from components in Europe and secure the strategic relationship with a battery manufacturer. Studer power electronics and Weco batteries are compatible through CAN communication for an optimized charge and discharge management. This ensures the reliability of the combined solution, providing high quality performance for every application.

Studer’s ambition is that our converters maintain the leader position as the most reliable and versatile power electronics for battery-based applications. And this is thanks to our broad compatibility with different battery providers and technologies among others. Our R+D team will continue to work towards this purpose.


This agreement seeks to reinforce our commercial proposal to our clients in Switzerland with a broader range of services.


If you want to learn more about the compatibility of Weco batteries and the combined studer + weco solution, do not hesitate to contact our support team at